Sheer/nude nail polish

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My preference for nail polish is a sheer nude shade that looks great with one coat and can be built upon depending how opaque or bold I’m wanting it. My, pretty much, all time favourite is Mademoiselle by Essie, Ballet Slippers a close second. They both do exactly what I’m looking for: sheer enough if i am wanting to go for a more classic understated look and just wanting my nails to look done but not done if you know what i mean? But also look fantastic if applying a couple more coats. At almost £10 a bottle they are not exactly the cheapest (although absolutely worth it). I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for other brands to try that are on the cheaper end but are just as good please?

Thank you x

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It’s tricky as I think with nail polishes in particular, you do get what you pay for and in comparison to some, Essie is pretty good value. That said, there are a few others worth noting, Mavala and Sally Hansen both do great formulas.

This is brilliant: Sally Hansen Color Therapy Sheer nourishing nail varnish |

As is this: Mavala Nail Colour - Shenzhen 5ml - LOOKFANTASTIC

But I would say Essie wears slightly longer.

This is a bit more expensive, so not quite right, but if you’re ever asking for a little pressie, I think you’d love this:

It’s my all time fave and like you, I love a sheer, healthy nail x

Also Rimmel! How could I forget! This shade is fab: Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish 203 Lose Your Lingerie - Boots

Not strictly a nail polish but I have just bought Nails Inc Back to Life for my damaged nails from too many gel manis and it is a lovely nude. Highly recommend.

I love a nude nail and my local salon has put me onto the best colour - Frenchie Pink. It is the base used for a French Tip and if you have your own UV lamp (From Amazon) this is the perfect natural, nude base (minus the French Tip): ASP Signature Gel Polish - Frenchy Pink 14ml | Nail Polish | Beauty Express

I agree that I find Essie quite hard to beat at this price point - but also love this nude rose from MaxFactor

OPI Bubble Bath is a great alternative