Sherri's brow and skin routine

Sorry if this has been asked before on the podcast but what is Sherri’s skin and brows routine? They always look amazing!!


Thank you, Jordan that’s so kind!

So my skincare routine is really simple, I use Glossier’s Super Pure serum (which is really gentle and great for tackling any spots/blemishes) followed by Beauty Pie SPF50 sunscreen which is light, includes primer, and is perfect for layering under make-up.

I don’t wear foundation in summer but do love Nars’ creamy concealers for coverage - a lighter shade under the eye and slightly darker one on the face where needed. Then my holy grail skincare product is Dr Jart+'s Ceramidin Cream Mist, which is a moisturising spray that adds a really nice glow over or under make-up without feeling greasy. I add mine as the final step.

For brows, I use a precise eyebrow pencil like the NYX micro brow to fill in any gaps , followed by Beauty Pie’s dark brown brow gel - my personal favourite as it doesn’t add too much colour and goes on really nicely. Then, I use the cheapest clear mascara I can find (usually the Colour Collection one from Boots which is £2) to fluff them up - much better than brow gel IMO! x

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Thanks so much Sherri! :slight_smile:

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