Shopping and lunch in london


Going to London for the day for some shopping. Will be heading to oxford rd and then to kings road in Chelsea (Rixo) can anyone suggest places to eat with my friend either. Preferably closer to Rixo



Ooo enjoy – the new Rixo store is gorge!

Daphne’s is around a 10 minute walk and serves delish pastas and has a lovely courtyard.

I also really like Polpo

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Definitely Daphne’s - so cute!

I know it’s a chain but I also love Sticks n Sushi!

I recommend Mucci’s if you’re opting for some good italian! Its a 15min walk from Rixo otherwise you can take the bus for ease x

I love Vardo (part of the Caravan Group) and it’s super close to Rixo: Vardo Chelsea: All Day Restaurant in Duke of York Square – Caravan

Colbert is also nearer Sloane Square if you are looking for something near the Tube, always such a buzzy vibe on the weekend:


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Rabbit is really close and is such a good spot! And another shout for Daphne’s and Vardo!


Agreed re Vardo! Gorgeous in the sunshine too x


Vardo in Duke Of York Square is perfect for lunch and has a great terrace, be sure to book - Vardo | Duke of York Square

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Agree with both of these! x

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