Smart shorts and floaty skirts

Hi there,
It is rare that I have worn shorts out of the house. Years of my legs being made fun of has put me off - very pale translucent skin, fatty cellulite-ish skin above my knees that won’t seem to shift, and muscular calves from since school. I’m very self conscious of this. Funnily enough I quite like my skintone and not really bothered with using fake tan. But with this hot weather we’re having I can’t deal with wearing trousers all of the time. Even wide leg or baggier styles can be too much.

So I am looking for recommendations for smart shorts and floaty midi or knee length skirts I can try please?

Budget-wise around £35 is my limit if that helps plus i can possibly source items on Vinted and Depop if need be.

Thank you x

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Hey, I totally understand how you feel as I have a lot of marks and scars on my legs and felt self-conscious for years but over recent years just started embracing it and realised that skin is not meant to be perfect. So embrace your skin and feel confident. x

Here are some shorts ideas, tailored bermuda shorts always look great with a linen shirt:

We are big fans of the denim midi skirt in the SL office, have you tried one yet this season?

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I second denim midi skirts! I have this one from Mango which is fab:

Also love the colour of this satin midi skirt: