Social Anxiety

I suffer with really awful social anxiety, more so in the evenings when I am out with family or friends.
Over the years I have tried CBT, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, reflexology, EMDR hypnosis to name a few. Can anyone recommend a CBD product that might help please? I really don’t want to go to my GP as my panic attacks are purely social and don’t affect me every time I go out so it’s very hard to know when they will strike.
Thank you.

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I am so sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Have you had a look at The Soke? They offer some great therapies and its therapists are some of the best around. Services | Private Mental Health Services | The Soke

In terms of CBD, I really rate Canamis:

And Wunder Workshop does a great product called Bear Hug: BEAR HUG - folk herbs for calm – Wunder Workshop


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