Styling dark beige linen trousers

I have purchased a pair of linen beige trousers (which are slightly darker in colour than the picture), does anyone know what to style them with please? Or should I return them? These are the pair: Linen-blend trousers - Beige - Ladies | H&M GB
Linen-blend trousers - Beige - Ladies | H&M GB
Thank you!

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I have a similar pair, I generally style mine with white, especially a white linen shirt or t-shirt. Then I’ll pair this look with either tan or black shoes and a basket bag. I actually find them quite a useful colour to have as lighter linen trousers have a tendency to be see through whereas styles in this colour don’t.

I’d pair them with an oversized white tee or even a crochet longsleeve knit jumper.

A black blazer and tank could also look cool.

If you want to style it for the evening, you could go for something like this: and a pair of heels.

Amazing, thank you both. Would metallic two strap sandals work too? With the white T-shirt?