Substitute for Amanda Harrington Self Tan

I loved the Amanda Harrington self tan mousse and was so disappointed to hear that the company has closed down. Has anyone found an alternative that dries into your skin beautifully with no stickiness and doesn’t smell once it has developed? Amanda Harrington’s was the only one that I could wear all day without smelling of curried biscuits……

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Hey Michelle,

I also love Amanda Harrington, but have recently gotten into Bare by Vogue tanning foam. It dries super quick and you don’t feel sticky afterwards. Just leave it to develop for 4-8 hours, shower it off and you’re left with the best tan and it lasts too!

(I’ve also been a st tropez tanning foam girl for years!)

I 2nd Bare By Vogue, you can’t beat the colour or application.

Such a shame it was a goodie! I’ve just switched to Bare by Vogue as well and find the colour actually lasts longer. Being fair I worried the lightest shade would be too dark but the colour really impressed me.

I am another Bare lover, but also love this:

and this:

Bondi Sands is amazing

Being in my 50’s, fair and a redhead (not much now because of chemo) I think I have tried every tan, I was actual one of the first retailers of both St Tropez and Fake Bake in a store I used to own in my hometown (2000) I know tan inside out. Amanda Harrington was fantastic although I was colour matched to Rose I actually used to think olive actually looked better on me. Anyway I no longer wear straight tan anymore as gradual tans are so great nowadays snd I swear by Tan Luxe gradual tan especially if you can track down the elusive Radiance one. One coat just gives you a lovely hint of a tan but use for 2/3 nights it is perfect no horrible smell at all. Another tip the best wash off tan has to be Rimmel sun shimmer in light matte. Nothing comes close.

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