Subtle eyelash extensions

Great natural eyelash extensions to take me from wedding day through honeymoon. I would love something very subtle but enough to take away the need for mascara while away. Ideally Clapham/ Balham/ Wandsworth/ Battersea area xx

I really recommend Lash Perfect, their lashes really do last and can be layered and tailored to your desired look. The brand developed their own lashes and technique so you know you can trust any of the technicians they’ve trained on their website. See here to search for a local therapist. They also have a beauty bar in central London see here

If you want something really subtle and natural though, you might be better with a lash lift and tint instead of extension xx

I really recommend based in Clapham xx

I really recommend LVL for this. I’ve had it done once at a place called Lash Perfect in Soho and the results were amazing. The process is a bit tedious - it requires your eyes being closed for about 45 minutes, but it’s worth it. At the end you have a natural curl that lasts for weeks and they tint them too - you won’t need any mascara whatsoever

Super helpful, thank you all! I will share back results in a couple of months xx