Team Activities

Hi, need to arrange a team activity and would welcome any ideas. Ideally close to the city for a group of 9 ppl . Thank you


Hi Justine,

Is it a mixed team in terms of ages/team members etc? Just wondering what sort of thing they might like – food and drink related, a treasure hunt, something active and outdoorsy?

Let me know and I’ll have a think for you!

Hi Heather, it’s a mixed team and relatively young… a couple of people don’t drink! Thanks so much for your help :two_hearts::two_hearts:

An escape room! There are loads around London and they’re so fun for all ages/types

There’s some really cool pottery classes in london where you can paint different ceramics which are always good fun.
Equally something like Flight Club, All Star Lanes, London Shuffle Club is always a crowd pleaser.

I also have gone to the London Bake with a big group and had so much fun, it’s a real life bake off scenario where we all get given a recipe in groups and it then gets judged at the end, a really fun few hours:

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Have you done the Crystal Maze experience? It’s so fun and like the show it’s a mix of brain tasks and physical, so works for varied groups! If there’s nine of you, you could do two teams and play off against each other at the end!

Axe throwing - we did this for our works xmas party last year at Whistle Punks. Its a bit different but really great fun!

Agree with Heather and The Crystal Maze! I’ve done it as a previous team bonding experience, and it was so much fun!

Bowling could be a fun one, I like Rowans and Kingpin - they feel super retro and fun, and have other activities you can do while you’re there x

Thank you all! Love all these ideas :slight_smile: :two_hearts:

Giant Monopoly! I am desperate to give it a go.

There is an interactive clays bar in the city which is great fun:

F1® Arcade is fun! Great for all ages x