The Idol - Yay or Nay

So I’ve been watching the Idol and none of my friends are watching it, but I’m in desperate need to discuss what everyone’s thinking about the show - if you’ve watched it so far, what are your thoughts?

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Ohh good one Vanessa! I’ve seen the first couple of episodes and I’m still undecided. For me, The Weekend’s character is very unsexy (not a reflection of him IRL haha) and it’s all a bit far fetched. Also seems a bit gratuitous for the sake of it. But I’ve heard other people are really loving it… still not sold but happy to be told otherwise!

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I’ve watched one episode and I couldn’t work out what I thought of it… I think Lily Rose Depp is really good in it, but I wasn’t sure how much I enjoyed it. It definitely throws up a lot of questions about young women in the music industry and how they’re exploited. Should I stick with it?

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Definitely - The Weekend’s character is very creepy and slimy if that makes sense (haha), but I’m also a little confused how Lily Rose"s character fell for him so quickly and unconditionally… I can definitely see what they are trying to do but not sure if they translated it in the best way.
I have to say though, I am enjoying the visuals and the costumes so I think I will definitely see it through. It seems to be getting darker every episode so we’ll see how far they’ll take it!

Don’t know if its embarrassing to admit or not given the reaction it has had but I am actually enjoying it! It’s not going to fill a British crime hole in the TV schedule but there is something mesmerising about it. I’ll be watching it to the end. I think Lily RD and all the outfits are insane! And I can’t stop watching the Weekend - creepy but I can’t look away aha

I know what you mean, I find it hard to get through an episode without cringing and feeling weird (and trying to ignore the bad acting haha), but I am very hooked in the sense of I want to know how it ends. Every episode seems to be given breadcrumbs of information between the party scenes and I am starting to get a little worried that the season finale won’t give much away. I have so many questions and theories, so I will continue to stick with it in the hopes of at least some answers. Spoiler alert so stop reading here if you haven’t watched: I am starting to feel like Lily RD’s character is a lot more manipulative then expected - is she’s turning into the bad guy?