The mental load!

The mental load is heavy for working mothers - despite the modern world where fathers are doing more and more, there is still a way to go. How do you manage it?

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The mental load is so incredibly real. One practical thing I am doing is learning how to use my nos more effectively. As much as I would love my kids to go to every birthday party, the reality is I am not superwoman and I am learning that with a full and demanding day job I need the weekend to turn the dial down on the mental load and reset. So, I do want I can to not over load myself on the weekend.

Similarly in the week I am allowing myself to drop some balls. Everything with children and work feels urgent but I promise you it isn’t all top priority. I will work through the list of priorities with my husband and figure out which things he is going to be responsible for that week and which things I am going to be responsible for. Then we look at which balls can be dropped.

Lastly, I must say I am quite comfortable asking for help. Be it from a school mum, at work, from friends or outsourcing. I have been known to outsource laundry to a local laundrette when it all becomes too much. .

I am not perfect and at times feel the strain of the mental load but these are a few things I do to help me from time to time.