Things to do/places to eat in Weymouth this weekend?

Hi everyone. My bf has booked a cute little cabin by Weymouth Harbour for this weekend but we have never been so would love some suggestions of your fave places to go!

Thank you in advance

Nikki xxx


There’s a Rockfish in Weymouth which is a small restaurant group I’ve always enjoyed.

If you’re happy to travel up the coast a bit, check out The Seaside Boarding House:

It’s on my list! x


I’ve just noticed this, sorry if I’m too late. Rockfish is great, also a small restaurant called The Greedy Seagull is amazing. I recommend the paella (the chef/owner’s MIL is Spanish and taught her how to make it, it was the best paella we’ve ever had).

We drove a bit further up (about 20mins) and had a great walk along The Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door; the best of the Jurassic Coast; towering limestone cliffs, natural arches and magnificent views. It’s stunning!

Have a great time xx

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