Tips on how to get rid of excess hair?

Does anyone have any tips on removing excess body hair? Especially on the face, does dermaplaning work? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve had facial threading, which was really quite painful, so I’ve not been back, but it did do the trick and my skin did feel super smooth and hairless the next day! I’ve also tried dermaplaning, but I feel this is focused more skin exfoliation as they combine with an acid peel. I’d make sure you go a doctor led clinic - there are mixed reviews on how good it is for your skin though. I would say that both lasted the same amount of time, perhaps 3/4 weeks so it’s not a permanent solution! Would be good to hear more suggestions x

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I have tried a range of treatments and for the face, electrolysis has been the most effective. It is permanent once completed, but takes a while to finish the course. Also quite painful.

IPL was less painful, but I needed top ups once a year.

Threading/waxing are okay as temporary solutions but can lead to spots and I was just of the view that I might as well permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the face anyway.