Tips on how to grow an Instagram (small biz/marketplace/interiors focus)

Hey! I’m keen to start a creative side-project on Instagram where I showcase wonderful small businesses with the aim of eventually setting up an online marketplace.

I don’t suppose you have any tips on growing an audience on Instagram? Any tips on how to create engaging visual content also super helpful!

Thank you!!

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Hey! It’s hard to give too much advice without knowing more on your audience/brand etc. But here are a few core tips/bits of advice to help you get started

  1. Being consistent is the number 1 rule on Instagram: establish what consistency looks like for you, its not the same for everyone and then stick to it. Be realistic. Is it one main post a day or is it three a week and then one story each day?
  2. Avoid over saturating your stories with links and calls to action, anything driving off platform too frequently will be deemed spammy and reduce your reach
  3. Canva is a great tool if you have little graphic design experience - they have plenty stories and grid templates you can use.
  4. Create content with its own right (Especially on the grid) Don’t just create posts that promote products or sales. Create interesting content in your genre aka guides, who to follow, how to use, outfit posts, guides etc.
  5. If you’re showcasing other brands then your ‘catalogue’ of content should in theory be quite big as you can repurpose their content or content that influencers and creators may have featured them in. Just ask for permission first.
  6. Take inspo from other brands, save down posts you love and are inspired by - you’ll quickly start to see some themes in content types or layouts that you can then adapt yourself
  7. And test and learn! you just have to keep going
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I am by no means an expert as have a small following but I know that engagement with your followers is key, as is being as realistic and authentic as possible to set you apart from the crowd! x

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Hi! Hopefully this can help you, Instagram have just released some key pointers that all creators should keep in mind:

  • Avoid External Editing Sources When Creating Reels. The algorithm doesn’t like it if you use external sources like CapCut as they want you to edit in-app. Plus, don’t share any content with a watermark. Instagram is working on creating a better in-app editing process.
  • Instagram Are Favouring 1 Grid Post A Day & 5-6 Times On Stories. Even throughout the day, anything more than this is considered spam and anything less is not active.
  • 3-5 Targeting Hashtags. But captions are still more important than hashtags so be sure to use them to optimise search terms.
  • Reply To All Comments With A Comment. That then drives the person who commented back to your post which boosts engagement.

Just be consistent with everything, even if you decide to only post twice a week, stick to it. Plus, be authentic, the real you!


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