Ubud - Bali

Hi. I have a visit to Singapore & Bali in a couple of weeks for a special birthday. I’m pretty much sorted except for Ubud.
Only there for 2 nights but any restaurant or bar recommendations and anything I shouldn’t miss. Definitely interested in waterfall recommendations too. Any hints & tips you can give me at all for Ubud would be much appreciated.


I loved the Campuhan Ridge Walk, its a 10km walk and is really beautiful, so I would definitely recommend if you have a morning free to do this! At the end of this trail is a great cafe for a filling breakfast called Lazy Cats Cafe!

To eat we loved Locavore for a more upmarket take on Indonesian food and each dish was like a work of art!
Also Copper Kitchen & Bar, its tucked away on a rooftop, its beautiful inside and you’ll find a lovely mix of authentic Indonesian and contemporary Western cuisine.

For a coffee/light snack/breakfast with a view, head to Bee Cafe for amazing views of the rice fields!

Hope this helped!

We published this insider’s guide earlier this year which is full of great ideas:


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