V neck white T-shirt

Recommendations for great quality v-neck white T-shirts that last please?

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This brand does great quality tee shirts!

Also check out American vintage x

I have a round neck from Foan London and love the quality - they have a v neck too.

Cos & Arket are fab. As is Massimo Dutti. A little bit pricier, but they are amazing quality & will outlast any other cheaper version, which means cost pet wear is less than cheaper options. Happy shopping.

https://www.cos.com/en_gbp/women/womenswear/tops/product.v-neck-t-shirt-white.1002949002.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw44mlBhAQEiwAqP3eVhG4i2bpGF1YEXoFQPXgEt2xmJ53ivGxdyvX8asyBxmpINqNJLWuxBoCVlwQAvD_BwE - this one from COS is fab x

I love the look of this one from LouLou Studio. Iā€™m such a fan of this brand and love the relaxed look. Perfect for summer!

Yes I would look at American vintage or Massimo x