Vegan skin care and cosmetics

I was wondering what people’s favourite brands of skin care and cosmetics that are vegan? I like elf items but also I like to buy made in Britain if I can. I’m having to buy things from America at the moment (skin deva, true botanics, depology). I also love Victoria beckhams eye liners.

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the body shop, milk makeup, beauty pie, jones road, refy and kat von d

These are a couple that are easily accessible & have a selection of vegan products.
There are so many cruelty free brand too - most of which also do a lot of vegan products so I’d check out this article we wrote for more names:


Agreed! Also love Rose inc and Refy for make up, for skincare love summer fridays (this one’s american but available here) and byoma! These are all available in the UK x

One of my favourite cosmetics brands is Hourglass and they have a great vegan selection. Their powders are really beautiful x

oh yes totally forgot hourglass! They’re a fave of mine too x

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I love the Hourglass mascara - it’s really kind to your eyes, especially if you have sore hayfever eyes at the moment like me!

I’m obsessed with KOY’ skincare it’s new vegan brand made in South Korea with new concept and it deserves the hype.

For skincare I like UpCircle- it’s vegan, cruelty free and zero-waste.

So many good ones now! I agree on Hourglass for make-up, for skincare I love Pacifica, but also Honest Beauty is fab