Wedding Guest Dress Shop Destination

I need a dress for an upcoming Summer wedding abroad. I’d love to hire one but I have such bad luck with hiring (never fit/suit me) and I am fed up of searching online.

Going to hit the shops for a few hours and hopefully find something- where should I go? Any recommendations for the best department store or any brands/stores to visit? Budget up to £300 xx

If you do want to hire and try on in person there is a Hurr section at Selfridges. Otherwise that whole floor of Selfridges has a lot of brands like Self Portrait, Rotate etc that should come in around the £300 mark.

Otherwise you could try Kings Road / Brompton Cross as destinations that have nice shops for smaller brands like Rixo.

This does assume you are London-based!!

Thank you!! Great ideas. Yes sorry forgot to mention, I am London based :smile:

Yes great tip! I was a bridesmaid for a friend a few weeks ago. we hired all of our dresses and some of us went to Libertys and selfridges to find retail versions of the dresses and try them on first.

I know it’s an obvious location but ASOS really do have some good wedding guest outfits especially ones suitable for abroad weddings right now. Also love Rat & Boa and Mango

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Reformation is always a great shout.

Alternatively, Farm Rio have some great Summer wedding guest dresses if you don’t find anything in store Dresses – FARM Rio