What are peoples thoughts on Spare? Are you going to buy the book?

Have you pre-ordered? or going to buy the book? What does everyone think of it!

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Oooh so tempted but so saddened by some of the quotes I’ve read…. Two sides of course and I do sympathise to an extent but it’s so public. Laura B was recommending Tina Brown’s Palace Papers… apparently on Audible so might start with that!


Spare is also going to be on audible and Harry is narrating it

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I feel like all the juicy details will have been leaked and it’s not like Harry write it himself so I won’t be buying it. Sad to hear the pain he feels but all this public handwringing just drives me to question why we have a monarchy anyway.


I have purchased it having watched the Netflix documentary series and the ITV interview. Whilst I think it’s sad that he’s had to go public with everything, I’m really interested in what he has to say.

Nope, I won’t be buying the book, no way… I’m sick of hearing the constant whining for months/years on end… We’ve heard it all now, I’m done already. GO away and live that private life you wanted so dearly…


I agree! If Harry and Meghan were so unhappy they did the right thing in leaving and finding their own life and privacy. BUT to give the public all these sordid details in order to fund your lifestyle is just not on!
Annabel L


I’ve decided not to buy it. I did watch the Tom Bradby interview and read several of the press articles about the book.

I’ve heard mixed reports on the Netflix interviews. I don’t intend to watch them. I have some sympathy for H&M but don’t think they’ve often made very wise decisions.

Yes, I can’t help feeling there may be some huge regret down the road for their actions. Hopefully they find peace in their new home and get on with their new lives.