What do I buy my adventure-obsessed boyfriend for Christmas?

This is our 3rd Christmas together and I’ve officially ran out of ideas… does anyone know anything I could buy my adventure obsessed boyfriend? He is massively into climbing, skydiving, caving (the list of extreme sports goes on).

Adventure Tours UK has a great range of activities and holidays – the ones in Wales look particularly fun!

Also, The Wave in Bristol opened earlier this year. It’s an incredible inland surfing venue which is powered by green energy. They have accommodation on site, too, if he wanted to make a weekend of it.

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There are some fun ideas here: 7 Cool Stag Do Ideas | SL.Man

I also have whitewater rafting at Lee Valley bookmarked (for me!) – it looks really fun and you can get a group of friends together for it: White Water Rafting | Lee Valley White Water Centre | Better

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A great quality merino base layer he can wear on all his adventures ? Arcteryx do some nice ones

High Viz kit from Proviz…

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Check out Wild Bounds, they stock some great brands. I love the Vssl kits, https://wildbounds.com/

This is a winner for the winter mornings and evenings!

Thanks Georgie - I just bought him the new, red Silva head torch!