What footwear

What shoes to wear with party dress ?
It’s gunmetal sequins & black fabric . Would say it’s fitted ( not bodycon) & falls just below knee .
Needs to be lowish heel & comfortable enough to dance in.
Tricky !!

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For usefulness, I don’t think you can beat a black suede court shoe and Unisa’s a very comfortable - made from the softest leather and available in a range of styles and heel heights. Then you can always bling them up with shoe clips.

Black shoes are always a good option. If you wish stylish ballerina shoes to go with the dress, look no more than Pretty Ballerinas. They have a good selection of dressy flats: https://www.prettyballerinas.eu/en/67-ballerinas

I’m quite short @ 5” 3 so will definitely go for heel. Thank you for suggestions though :smiling_face:

Thank you for reply & pics , really useful :blush:

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