What is your Autumn best buy ? 🍁🍂

What transitional Autumnal piece could you not live without as it turns colder ?


A great pair of heeled, leather boots. They are my staple!!

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A wool jacket or coat, COS have some great options. I have my eye on this at the moment

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A good quality neutral coloured trench coat - they’re chic year on year and are perfect when it’s milder in early Autumn and can be layered with cosy knits as we get into the colder season.

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White kitten heel boots. They will literally be the most useful thing you buy this season – trust me when I say they go with everything.

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I’ve just bought this and I know I am going to get so much wear out of it!

For me it’s got to be comfortable boots and/or a wool coat!

Always boots - especially ones you can wear all day and still feel fab for night time, which means a low-ish heel. These are my favourite - a big investment but worth it!


I also love these