What to do with teenagers visting London

Visting London between Christmas and New Years eve. What to do with to teenagers age 16y & 18y? Any cool recommendations?

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I’d say…

The Glossier store at Covent Garden – Glossier | Covent Garden

A hot chocolate at Knoops – https://knoops.co.uk/

African Fashion at the V&A – Africa Fashion - Exhibition at South Kensington · V&A

& Juliet at the theatre – https://www.andjulietthemusical.co.uk/

Six the Musical or & Juliet

Went to Glossier last time, probably a must this time around also. A big hit :wink:
Will definitely look into these recommendations. Thank you so much!

Thank you! Will look for tickets :smiley:

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Carnaby Street is great is they like trainer shopping!

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thank you :slight_smile:

DEFINITELY do The Gunpowder Plot. Put on a cloak and take part in two hours of immersive culture with actors, amazing Virtual Reality scenes of 1605 and a reconstructed ‘inn’ for refreshments. They’ll love it and it will help them with history.


This sounds amazing. Thank you so much!!