What to wear on a night out!

Hi there, I’m off for a night out with old work colleagues a week sat! (starting at 3pm though!). Last time I saw them I was a size 8… now a size 14 :frowning:

I prefer dresses to hide the fat… any idea of some great, flattering dresses and what to wear, please?


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Dressy jeans/trousers, a sparkly top, heels and a great big smile with the confidence of woman who has made her way in life and is now a great big success…
Go and enjoy yourself, most of them will probably be thinking you look fab… as great as you did and will be more conscious of their own appearance… : )))

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Thank you but I feel awful in jeans/trousers at the moment. Have ordered a few dresses though! x

Hi Danielle,

Start with your sexiest lingerie as a foundation - it will make you feel good : ) … my secret is I wear red lingerie under my black dress when I have to present a set of accounts to a board… and I am 60 … also a size 12-14 so no size 8 here : )))

M&S do brilliant lingerie. Find the following web … www.thesecrettv … I read the stories there when I need a boost of confidence too… It is really about you believing in yourself… you are unique… and you can rock the world…


I would recommend some black dress with fabric sew in a “knot/tie” it helps to hide a tummy or wrap dress e.g ASOS DESIGN wrap midi dress in black | ASOS

How about a lovely slip skirt with an oversized blazer and some long boots? Love this skirt and boots we recently featured in our live shopping