What top to go with these trousers?

I recently purchased 2 pairs of pink Me and Em trousers but stuck for what to go with them as a top for work. Not sure I’d suit pink next to my face and don’t like my arms so nothing sleeveless

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So cool, I love these!

I’m a pink trouser wearer myself and have loved styling mine with an oversized white tee - but a logo or graphic tee could also be a cool choice (but this is more for day time though!)

If you’re going for an evening look, a cream blazer could be nice (i think black may be a bit harsh with this shade). Or a slightly oversized crisp white shirt plus lots of fun jewellery.


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Love these trousers so much! I agree with Sapna, a cool graphic tee or a white shirt with a lots of jewellery would look fab

I love this shirt from Arket: https://www.arket.com/en_gbp/women/shirts-blouses/product.relaxed-poplin-shirt-white.1038392003.html

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Agree, I would wear a white t-shirt in the day for a more casual look and a crisp white shirt if you want to look smarter! x

Fab trousers choice!!! I’d agree about the graphic/white tee option and a white shirt/blouse. You could also go colour clash and wear a red or orange top as well :heart::heartpulse::orange_heart: (if one of those would suit you). And I do think black could work too - sales assistant in the Me+Em shop in Battersea yesterday had a black short sleeve top on with hot pink trousers.

Love these trousers! I remember an outfit Georgie wore last summer, a slouchy pink suit with blazer sleeves rolled up and a Nike tick white cotton t shirt. Was obsessed with the juxtaposition. Still am ! So cool ! I’d try a similar vibe