Where to start if not wearing makeup

I wear mascara but nothing else, want a simple routine- where to begin to get right colours, textures, etc

I think the best place to start is with BB creams and tints so you still feel like yourself if you’re not used to wearing makeup. A tinted moisturiser or BB cream with a multi use blush that you can put on your cheeks for a bit of colour and your lips is always a good base!

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a nice palette of browns / natural colours for eyes and agree a tinted moisturiser, concealer and a bit of bronze / blush. Bobbi Brown is a good brand to get started

If you like glowy, these two products are fab! I often wear them if I don’t want to wear any foundation. You could always pop powder on top to ease some of the glow x

A tinted moisturiser is always good too. I have used both of these and really liked them for a light base.

Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector SPF30 UVB/UVA/PA+++ | Laura Mercier (Great as has SPF!)

This is more of a splurge and I was given it as a gift but they are known for brilliant skincare! https://m.cremedelamer.co.uk/product/5817/76767/skincolor/the-radiant-skintint-spf-30#/shade/Fair