Why does foundation suddenly stop sitting right?

Why does foundation you’ve been using suddenly stop sitting nicely on the face? My skin prep products have remained the same but I find time and time again that a foundation will stop going on nicely, sit on the skin and not buff in, appear streaky and patchy. Any ideas?

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I sometimes find it I apply my makeup too soon after skincare it can do the same so it might be worth giving it a little longer between?

It is often when you apply product too quickly/don’t let layers set…Maybe that’s the problem? Or it could be your products are interfering with one another if one is oil-based and the other water-based.

We did a bit of a guide to this which I hope may be helpful:

I usually find this happens if the foundation isn’t compatible with my moisturiser - some work well together and others cause problems. Trial and error to find matching pairs, I’ve found!