Wimbledon insight

I will be going to Wimbeldon for the first time this year! I’m looking for any insight on what to expect, where to stay, where to eat, bars, fashion, etc!


Definitely make sure to head up the hill to Wimbledon Village – it’s where all the best restaurants are, such as The Ivy Cafe and the Dog & Fox (I had a really good roast there a few months back).

We did a Wimbledon guide a couple of years ago, which has got some good recommendations:

Wimbledon is such a fun day out! It all depends on whether you’re queueing for ground tickets or have match tickets already. If the latter, I’d say you could go one of two ways - smart depending on what court you’re going to or casual if you’d prefer to be comfy (it’s a long day!).

If you’re queuing, you probably want to get there as early as possible (around 4 or 5am). You can take in food and drink so a picnic hamper filled with lunch, snacks and ice packs is a good shout. Then you can sit on Henman Hill to watch the matches on the big screen and buy strawberries and cream from the food hall (not as expensive as people think!). It’s also worth queuing for re-sale tickets, from people who have donated/already left on the day, as you might get to see a match on court 1 or centre!

I would also be prepared for all weather - fold-up rain coat and sun cream – so you’re covered for all eventualities! It’s also worth pre-booking a taxi from the grounds to the village if you want to go out for dinner afterwards as it can be a bit manic trying to get out in the crowds! Hope this helps!