Working from home

I work in the legal sector and am starting a new job in August which is working from home 4 days a week. In my current role I have only worked from home on the occasional day if I have a Drs appt etc.

Does anyone have any WFH tips or home office essentials? Thank you!


Keep to a good morning routine!
Going in to full WFH during lockdown has created a lot of bad habits for me and whilst I’ve had significant lifestyle benefits WFH (single mum of two teenage kids), my morning routine is absolutely dreadful! I go into the office 1 day a week and feel like a different person that day! Once the school holidays are over I plan to go in 2 days a week!

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My top tips:

  • Make sure you have a proper desk set up and (if possible) have somewhere separate from your bedroom and living area.
  • Keep a good morning routine and get outside during - maybe a walk to get fresh air at lunch.
  • Have something / habit you can anchor the end of the day too so you know when to switch off from work e.g time to start cooking dinner / gym class / social dinner with friends

I would really recommend an SAD light therapy lamp for your desk, even during the summer months as it can be hard to go out for a walk every single morning / afternoon. Lumie does a really good one that’s for home desks, but I’m sure you could find cheaper on Amazon.

Might sound obvious but having some really nice stationery can help you feel motivated (Etsy has lots of nice options), as well as some at-home essentials to elevate your desk - for me, it’s a special glass and straw for drinks and a carafe for cucumber water - little things that make it feel a tiny bit more elevated.

Love all those tips above - another thing I’d say is it’s really worth getting up early and going for a half an hour walk. It really freshens up the day and makes you feel like you haven’t just been stuck at home all day. That way you have time to cook at lunchtime and or if work gets too busy later in the day.

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Lots of great tips!
I agree with Vanessa – if you can get out before you start your work day it makes such a difference. I used to get coffee one morning a week with a friend when she lived locally. Or I’ll try and plan any workout classes I’m going to on mornings I’m working from home.

Agree with the morning walks- I find this is the best way to start my WFH day as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I also write a To Do List before I start working. This is a great way to check in with your productivity for the day- as well as ensuring that you don’t get side tracked by unimportant tasks!

I worked from home for 3 years(!!) and what worked for me was -

  • Making sure I got up with enough time to go for a walk with a coffee in the morning, even if it was only for 15 mins to get fresh air
  • Getting dressed properly made me feel more ready for the day, rather than staying in leggings the whole time
  • I made sure I ate my lunch away from my desk for a change of scenery

Good luck in your new role! x

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On my wfh days I always start my day with a short walk to grab a coffee from a local coffee shop as a nice start to the day!

All of us on the design team here at SL work on laptops so we use this case which has a built in stand. It makes it so much more comfortable to work on:

Totally agree with the tip on anchoring the start and end of your day. I love marking the end of a WFH day with a walk (even if just 15 mins) or making a drink that’s not water! x

Hi Danni,

I echo what everyone else is saying about getting up and dressed properly!

I’ve also created a desk area in my bedroom that I’m really happy with – I’ve bought a nice lamp I’ve wanted for ages and put loads of postcards/paintings/prints of art that really inspire me above the desk.

Finally, invest in a decent chair! In the pandemic, I was pretty much working on a dining chair and it wasn’t great for my posture/back. I’ve now got a Swedish balance chair in a colourway I like which I swear by, as you have to sit up straight all the time:

a morning walk first thing is a must for clearing the mind and getting the body moving before you sit at your desk all day. I’m quite strict with my routine. Have a coffee break and lunch but I try not to be tempted by the fridge inbetween!
I also think a clear desk and nice filing makes it easier to be organised. Also an excuse for some new stationary…

Getting outside for fresh air either in the morning or after work is so essential. It’s great to use that extra time in the morning to fit in exercise.
I also find that what I wear has an affect on how productive I feel, I keep it comfortable but try to dress closer to normal clothes than loungewear, I find this easier in the summer!

I agree with all the comments! Routine is key for me and the ‘fake commute’ walk at either end of the day works for me as it book ends the day nicely. Also packing away your work desk so your house becomes home again.
Lastly the most supportive desk chair you can afford!

Oh my, all these people responding are well into getting out in the open first thing in the morning with your cup of coffee!!! Coffee is soooo bad for you, but lets not get into that argument! Getting out into some fresh air is good for all of us, but let’s focus on your new position of working from home perhaps!!! - yay you are so lucky so well done you! Tips I would say are; forget ‘getting dressed to feel in the mood’, no, just fix your make-up and wear any suitable top as that is all they will see. At the end of the day you are working from home, who wears a blouse and suit jacket whilst working from home? they will look to the other attendees as a weirdo.
The main things I learnt were to get up and log on at the same time each day, and likewise log off at the sametime each day. Set an automated response to this affect, so everyone who messages out of hours will know you are not going to respond - it is so important to set these boundaries for yourself, I am a bad example as my laptop is next to me all evening and if someone mails I instantly respond - it doesn’t get you anywhere in life, so don’t follow this advice as you will be technicall working but ‘not getting paid’ for it. Switch off at the end of your hours and enjoy x