1st birthday present ideas

Hi all, my nephew is just about to turn one and I have no idea what to buy him! He has lots of clothes and toys and hoping to give him something a bit more special or a keepsake… any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!


So I have quite a random suggestion, but I bought these for my twin niece and nephew’s first Christmas present this year as something they can keep growing up. It’s a Christmas water spinner (they light up spin glitter to give a snow effect). I got my nephew a train one and my niece a gingerbread house one. I really love these but appreciate not to everyone’s taste (and depends how into Christmas your family is. Mine really is!) but I love it as a gift as they can bring it out every Christmas and have it in their room growing up. Lots here to look at here. This one is cute: https://www.lovechristmas.christmas/collections/christmas-water-spinner-lanterns/products/konstsmide-christmas-water-lantern-santa-in-fireplace

I think this book set is super sweet and looks so lovely on a nursery shelf and they bring joy for years to come x

Slightly random, perhaps, but my nephews and cousins’ boys have always loved it when I’ve bought them one of these knitted dinosaurs: https://www.bestyears.co.uk/dinosaur-toys-1/large-dinosaur-toys/titanosaur-large-knitted-dinosaur-toy-info

They’re fairly robust and look nice on a bedroom shelf!

A close friend of ours bought this brilliant record book for my daughter’s first birthday.
She has just turned 3 and we have filled in the third year with her!
It’s something to be treasured forever and provide lots of laughs in the future! I love looking back through it now!

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I’ve heard great things about personalised books, and although it’ll be used in years to come, it’s a memorable gift that also becomes a keepsake x

You could get him a personalised gift, etsy have lots of options for babies:



We bought my niece swimming lessons. It’s not exactly keepsake but she loves them and means she can swim with us on holidays. Her parents LOVED it so much they asked for the same for Christmas. x

Hi, I also need to buy a present for my nephew who is about to turn one! My sister has recommended that Little Dutch has some lovely pieces.

I also think that something personalised is sweet and a bit more special, this book is a sweet idea

This is more of a present for the parents, but I think this book to write yearly letters in is a lovely keepsake idea!