1st Wedding Anniversary Gift for my Husband

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for some creative ideas for my 1st wedding anniversary gift for my husband. Traditionally, the first anniversary gift should be paper, and I’d love to stick to that theme. Does anyone have any unique or meaningful suggestions?

Thank you!

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Maybe opting for a photo album or a paper marbling class:



If you would like to stick to the tradition, I would suggest tickets for something you both could do together. Perhaps a show, travel tickets or to a game??

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How about a voucher… Perhaps to the River Cafe or somewhere special to celebrate

Perhaps a personalised stationery set - Papier, Etsy & Smythson are great places to look.

We’ve just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and I printed the reading we had read during our wedding ceremony (paper) and then had it framed.
You could do you first dance song or something meaningful from your day in writing?

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Hey! I recently posted on what I did for my first wedding anniversary (TikTok - Make Your Day)
Basically I painted two diff scenes from our wedding in watercolours (we eloped in the mountains) and then wrote my vows over the top and put it in a glass folding frame - I love how it turned out and so did my husband. So if you’re a little crafty that could be a cute idea!

My husband got me a hand printed platinum print of one of my favourite images from our wedding. It was a digital photo but printed like it was on film so very special and unique gift to treasure. This is who he used - highly recommend