2023 Sandals

  1. Struggling with 2023 sandals, what’s everyone wearing?

  2. Are Arizona Love bandana sandals still ‘in’?


I bought this Loewe pair last year but never got to wear them, so excited to crack them out. If you’re up for investing I also have my eye on the Chloe x Teva collab this year.


I agree! I feel like the selection this season is pretty disappointing!

However, I think a pair of elevated sliders is a good investment like these Anine Bing ones. You need to get something really versatile and comfortable if you are going to invest in a higher price point.

The Row’s Ginza flip flop has brought back the 90’s classic thong old school flip flop. - again very versatile and the high street has followed suit with much more affordable options like these ones from Cos.


My go to hands down favourite are tkees which you can get on Net or Tkees website but they are always sold out so join the waiting list…such a good price point and go with everything!



It’s all so uninspiring, agreed, but if you do a lot of waling or commuting, the Ancient Sandals designs with the slightly squishy soles are super comfy and stylish.



Agree! I am wearing my strappy tan TKEES on repeat, I don’t feel like there has been a stand out style for this season yet

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I recently got these sandals from Wat The Brand which are super comfortable, thinking of also getting them in black now!

I also have my eye on the Birkenstock Arizonas in silver


I have my eye on this Varley pair: Giles Quilted Slides 2.0 | Varley UK

But have also felt v uninspired so far this summer! x

I bought these leather sandals from A Emery (on Net a Porter) a few weeks ago and they’re great. they’re also on sale at the moment!

Totally agree! I am on the hunt for a strappy sandal to wear with dresses this summer. At the moment though I am living in a slightly chunkier sandal, by a small brand called Sofie Schnoor. They are a great Isabel Marant style dupe. I have them in black and brown and are super comfortable!

S232739-Sandal-Black – Sofie Schnoor INTERNATIONAL


These Beige Arizonas are on my wish list this summer: https://www.matchesfashion.com/products/1466816?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=1466816000005&utm_term=1656104510086&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnMWkBhDLARIsAHBOftr25kj9dFkkLM_DsDNrd0X61wIw4c2GHEragIaRcC_DPvAHXQ67UX4aArlCEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

If you are looking for a pair of sandals but you are on a budget check out bobbies.com: https://www.bobbies.com/en/4000010928-hanae-or-sepia.html

This is a French brand: their sandals are beautiful and the price tag won’t break the bank.


Hey how comfy are the sandals ? They are so nice!

Hello! They are quite comfortable. I have other pairs from the brand and they never gave me problems.

Steve Madden

Love these for summer with white cut offs or summer dresses!

Love these recs!

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I agree 100%. Bought mine last year and still going strong this year

My Birkenstocks are getting far more use than they’ve ever had so buying some other colours might be a good idea. Silver is definitely a contender

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Ancient Greek sandals are very popular & never go out of style.

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Sorry, no Birkenstocks for me. If chunky, I go for Clergerie.