21st Birthday Present Ideas

Hi all,

in need of some direction on what to get my best friend for her 21st. There is a group of 4 of us joining in together for this but we have no idea what to get her. She has a lot of jewellery and make-up doesn’t feel special enough.
She is quite a fashionable girl and don’t want to get it wrong, any ideas?

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Maybe a nice silk scarf or a bag:




Or maybe a spa day

Ah tricky if she has lots of jewellery, as that would be my go to!
Would you consider getting her a facial or a massage?

A few fashion ideas but hard to suggest without knowing your budget x
ANINE BING Tyler Sweatshirt - Capri Blue – ANINE BING EU

Sunnies from Jimmy Fairly? Could be a good price point

A hunza G

Yes nice idea Coco sunglasses are a nice idea!

You could get her a cool piece of clothing from a brand like With Jéan, Realisation Par, Reformation or Ganni. As the clothing is a bit higher-end it might not be something she would normally buy herself?

Love the sweatshirt idea, do you know any other options similar that look like she could dress them up? I think she has that blue one x

Love this! Are you a fan of any brand in particular?

Great, have you spotted anything that would be a good idea?

Love this top: https://uk.realisationpar.com/the-anais-cosmos-devore/
Or a baby tee could be cute, this one is my favourite: https://uk.realisationpar.com/real-love-tee-white/

A beaded bag from Staud could be really special too! Not sure what your budget is but this one is on sale: https://www.ssense.com/en-gb/women/product/staud/blue-and-off-white-tommy-beaded-bag/14842101

a lovely makeup bag or some cool bag charms might be fun? What is she in to?