24 hrs in Rome

Top things to do in 24 hours in Rome

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Have you been before? The big ones are the Colosseum, Villa Borghese, Spanish Steps and Pantheon, but I’d make sure to visit some of the cooler areas like Testaccio and Trastevere which have loads of good little shops, restaurants and cafes. The Vatican is obviously impressive, but you could spend a whole day there, so I would give it a miss if you’re only there for 24 hours. Restaurant wise, I loved Da Enzo and La Matriciana – and don’t forget to have a coffee at Sant Eustachio off Piazzo Navona.

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You really can’t go wrong with food in Rome, but Trattoria Monti is really famous for its pasta!

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Dal Bolognesa for the BEST food!!!

go to Da Enzo, so good worth the wait, get an aperol spritz while in line :pinched_fingers:

My daughter (aged 9) and I have just returned from 72 hours in Rome. We stayed at The Hoxton, who kindly upgraded our room and were very helpful with tour and restaurant bookings. We toured the Colosseum with “Love Holiday Tours” and were pleased with the van collection from the hotel, small group size (4 persons) and friendly tour guide. We booked two of the suggested restaurants in this thread - Trattoria Monti and La Matriciana. Thank you Sherri and Heather! :it:

Castel Sant’Angelo has great views of the city - especially if you can time it right and catch the sunset!