30th birthday gift ideas

I’m 30 soon and my parents, grandparents and sister are all asking for present ideas (they know how fussy I can be). Trouble is, I have no idea what to ask for (I know poor me, what a problem!) Has anyone got any great gift ideas for landmark birthdays that they can share for inspiration? Things you wouldn’t buy for yourself but would love to get as a gift. Thank you!


What about a gift voucher for a stay somewhere? If it were me, I would love to ask for vouchers for somewhere like The Pig! That way you can extend the celebrations / have some luxury elsewhere x

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Vouchers is such a good shout - especially for a weekend away. Or what about a flight somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Then you can plan your trip knowing the travel is taken care of?

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Spa day or overnight with treatments!

Wine tasting event with dinner!

Tasting menu at new ir favourite restaurant you’ve wanted to go to!

My parents got me a Longines watch that I picked out. I’m now 38 and I still love it, it was a good choice

Smaller designer accessories are also a nice thing that you will cherish but don’t cost loved ones the world! I got a Celine belt from my sister for my 30th and I wear it pretty much every other day. A Chloe signet ring perhaps or designer shoes if you’re after an item rather than an experience x

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful ideas and suggestions!

We went on a family trip to Majorca for mine and went to my favourite restaurant. It was lovely and met up with friends too who live there. I ended up buying myself a beautiful ring with birthday money from family and friends that I would normally never have bought. I cherish both the memory as well as the ring.