30th Dinner Party

Throwing my younger sister a 30th ‘Surprise’ dinner party for 13 people. Surprise in inverted comma as she is fully in on this!

… but looking for any table game/food/drinks ideas and recommendations. I have an idea of table decor (pastel colours, candlesticks covered in velvet ribbon etc) but any other decorations also helpful x


Fun! Have a look at this – Pippa from Soir Studio had some really good tips (especially when it comes to reusable decorations!)

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Ah so lovely! Matilda Bea has lots of beautiful table decor images for inspo!

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I am also having a dinner party for my birthday this year and my friend suggested the loveliest thing the other day: We want to take polaroids of every guest as they arrive and then use those as placecards instead of just having their names on cards. So cute!


Oh I love this idea!! Adding a polaroid camera to my amazon shopping list!

I got the 'We’re Not Really Strangers’ card game for Christmas which is the perfect party game for dinner with friends!