40th birthday celebration ideas!

I would love to go away for a long weekend somewhere for my 40th in January… does anyone have any recommendations?

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Do you want to stay in Europe? What kind of holiday are you after - beach, city break, adventure?

Hi! I would love a city break and Europe would be ideal… More of a nice food, nice shops, museum filled trip than action based.

In that case I would really recommend Lisbon or Porto - both have great food, lively bars and lots of cultural things to do in the day.

You also can’t go wrong with Madrid (which has one of the biggest flea markets in Europe on a Sunday - an absolute must) or Copenhagen. Only 90 minutes from London with endless things to do and see! I could go on but those are some of my favourite places!

Our guide might be helpful:

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Oh these sound great - I have been hearing lots about Lisbon and love the idea of the flea markets in Madrid! This guide is great too. Getting my research hat on - thanks so much for the recommendations!

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