40th birthday gift - for him

Looking for a 40th birthday present for my brother. Help! He is a new Dad and I would like to spoil him/get him something special enough to keep.

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Is he into gadgets? I got my Dad the Apple HomePod for Christmas last year and he loves it. He keeps it in his office and its connected to his phone so will read texts, emails and you can talk to Siri! Super fun!

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I bought my dad some really lovely whisky glasses which is a nice home gift and something one might not purchase for themselves. You could also get him a nice bottle to go with it!

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I bought my husband one of these with a nice message on for his birthday. He loves it and you can go as sentimental as you like - maybe a nice photo of him and his new baby?

If you have a bigger budget, you could put a photo of him and the baby - or just the baby! - on an Anya washbag. I was given this for a special birthday with my kids on and I love it!

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Perfect! That’s a lovely gift. Thank you x

How about a personalised piece of Art?

Life in a Spiral.
A hand drawn spiral depicting every part of that persons life. From Birth to the present day! Showing all the actual houses and school. Big moments little moments and everything in between. Framed and boxed beautifully. Its a personal one of a kind gift.

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What about a good bottle of single malt whisky. Maybe have the bottle engraved?

I bought my brothers for their birthdays a butchery course at The Ginger Pig. My husband and friends have done this too and really enjoyed it!

Nice rocks glasses…