A surprise birthday party idea

Please I need help with a surprise birthday party and a gift idea for my partner turning 40 soon

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Can you share a little more detail? Are you after themes or general ideas?

And what kind of things does your partner like?

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I think a meal in a private room with a group of close friends could be a nice surprise.

As for gifting ideas it really depends on his interests! I think an experience would be nice, you could book a night stay away. There are lots of nice ideas on Mr & Mrs Smith.

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General idea. He loves gadgets. He is a very simple person. Probably gathering few of his friends and getting others to do a video for him and sitting everything together would help

In that case, what about a private dining experience at home? I’ve used Take a Chef before which is fab - you pop in ideas and they come back with proposed menus for the evening.

If you have more people attending, drinks at your home would go down well I’m sure! Could make it feel extra special with an at-home bar (personalised cocktails), a mixologist or someone to do the music?

In terms of gifts, there are some cool at-home beer taps for worktops. Or how about some cool wireless headphones or a new Sonos speaker? An Everyman membership could also be a good shout!

Thank you so much