I know you always say that you were born a show off but is that what promoted you to choose acting as a career as I assume that you are not from a family in that kind of profession. Also did your family support your career in it’s ups and downs and how did they feel when you got a acting role in crossroads and your face was on national tv 5 nights a week bearing in mind at that period of time there was only a choice of 3 tv channels so soaps literally had millions of viewers and by far more than the soaps of today

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Great question Jules,
I started off as a dancer…my mum was a dancer …and it was inevitable that i would go to drama school…
Crossroads was always on in my grandmothers house…i wrote to the producer for weeks to get an audition…
nobody warns you of the recognition in the street following an appearance on a soap with a daily audience of 25 x million.
It was crazy,but they forget you as quickly as they know you…
After a month of leaving it…people stopped staring!!
Thats a lesson to be learned x