Can anyone recommend a good Acupunturist is South London?

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Kate Winstanley & Hanna Evans x

Dr Gu is amazing - I went in complaining specifically about my calves and just by looking at me she was able to also diagnose that I’d been sleeping badly and have long term issues with my shoulders. I was super impressed, she really knows what she is doing.
I’d say that the setting isn’t super polished but in my experience with acupuncturists these have often been the most knowledgable ones! - is FAB

Ginsen clinic in Chelsea and Kensington is phenomenal. They are very thorough and knowledgable. I started going pre pregnancy and have continued to go during pregnancy because I trust them and find it is so beneficial. The doctors are very well trained and the front desk will help with language barrier if needed, as some of the doctors are from and were trained in China.

Zoe Lake in Tooting. I have been seeing her for over a year and she is so knowledgeable and kind.

Samina Haider in New Cross is wonderful

I also recommend Zoe Lake - I used to see her at her house in Streatham. She can also give you Chinese herbal medicine if helpful/needed/wanted!

Can’t recommend Paula enough:

I really recommend Sarah Bradden


Renata Nunes at 180 Strand. You honestly can’t beat her!

Angelina He at the Maris Practice in Twickenham. I’ve seen her for 2 years now and my definite go to for everything. Not taken any pharmaceuticals for the whole duration.