Affordable but chic built in solutions

I would love to have a full wall to ceiling built in along my living room wall, incorporate the tv and have cupboards and shelving. However I went down the carpentry route and it is SO expensive!
Does anyone have any affordable solutions/tips/services

I’ve seen some online services but they don’t look as stylish as I would ideally like

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We did this and it worked out really well - used kitchen units (you can choose different sizes) and chose doors/handles that didn’t look like kitchen units. Then worked with a local stone company to have a made to measure quartz worktop. The carpenter built the shelves on top but he said we could have got the same (already painted) effect using kitchen end panels.
Hope you manage to do it, it’s well worth the effort x

You can buy the units from Ikea & have a carpenter fit them for you. It’s a much cheaper alternative as otherwise you’re having them custom made & spray painted. There are some good YouTube videos that demonstrate this really well. Rachel

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Agreed! I know a few people who have done this, including with wardrobes. It looks great x

Thank you!

Oh great tips! Would you recommend any specific brands or suppliers?

We bought the units from Howdens because they had lots of different widths and depths. We worked out which units we wanted/would work for our design (which was literally a rough sketch I did to make sure our enormous Ralph Lauren lamps would fit!) and ordered them directly. We did ask Howdens to design it but they added so many more pieces than we needed and the price was crazy.
The quartz top was from a local stone company in South Wales but there will be similar closer to London. They were amazing because they measured with a laser meaning the top fit snuggly against the wall despite it not being completely straight. We asked them to cut three small notches at the back (two for the lamps and one for the Frame cable. It looks so sleek. Xx

My sister did a whole dressing room with Ikea units then used Task rabbit to put it all together. It looks great!

Hi @Mia_Luckie, some of our customers have used The Cabinet Shop which turned out much cheaper than a carpenter. They have different options to make it more bespoke too. Here is the link -