Affordable headboard for small double bed

Looking for an affordable headboard for my small double bed, it’s one of those box beds that landlords like to purchase. Not very visually appealing so would love to add a headboard - the bed itself is grey fabric so something in that style. I don’t want to spend a lot of money as I don’t know when I will be moving again, so any budget friendly recommendations would be greatly appreciated! x

I’m honestly not usually one for DIY… but headboards are so expensive and in lockdown I decided to make one myself. I thought it would be a bit of a project, but it really was so simple it barely took any time in the end. All you need is a piece of mdf, stick to an easy shape for minimal effort, some padding which you can get from any craft store or Amazon, a staple gun and then you get to pick whichever fabric you want! I think it took a couple of hours, if that, to actually make, and I’m planning on doing another one with a friend soon!


you could def do this vanessa! otherwise the dormy house is good or headboard workshop but reckon if anyone can make you can!