Affordable London hotels

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Heading to London for a few nights for my husband’s 40th in October. Actually getting the sleeper train from Glasgow which is exciting! I’m looking for suggestions for areas to stay and hotels that are nice but affordable. Say up to £300-350 a night. I used to travel to London a lot for work and have stayed in the Whitehall, Waterloo, Paddington, Covent Gardens areas a lot.

Considering somewhere new, like Notting Hill or even the beautiful Town Hall Hotel in Cambridge Heath that I found through this article 14 Of The Best Affordable Hotels In London | SheerLuxe

If anyone has any other suggestions for areas or hotels to consider or nice restaurants etc to visit I’d appreciate that.

I really liked the sound of Cepages from Charlotte’s list Charlotte Collins's Food Black Book | SheerLuxe

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Lime Tree Hotel in Belgravia is a lovely boutique hotel that’s affordable and in a great location! Its Buttery restaurant is also a really nice brunch spot.

I’d also recommend The Laslett in Notting Hill if you fancy staying around that neck of the woods?

Thanks for the recommendation, Limne Tree was full but I already had Laslett on my list and felt it couldn’t be beaten so booked it up!

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Fab - have the best time!