Air BnB Essentials/ Nice Touches


I am planning on putting my seaside home on Air BNB this summer and wondered if anyone could share some things they’ve enjoyed from previous Air BNB stays?

I plan to do a welcome basket with some essentials - maybe some local wine, bread etc. Also maps or info of local walks/ recommendations for food etc etc.

Would love to hear of anyones experiences they’ve had or things they’ve found particularly lovely during a stay, whether thats welcome baskets or extra facilities.

Thanks so much in advance,

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Hi Naomi,

Sorry if this is stating the obvious, but the last couple of Airbnbs I’ve stayed in haven’t had the right amount of cutlery/crockery (i.e. five plates/glasses to share between eight – in an eight-person property) so we’ve ended up endlessly washing up or scrambling together to set the table/have a glass of wine.

In terms of extra touches, fresh flowers and a hamper of breakfast essentials are always a nice idea. I also find a handbook of personal recommendations for walks/restaurants really helpful!


That is so sweet that you want to amke your guests feel welcome! I think for me the nicest thing is to receive a little guidance like where to eat, drink, any routes to walk or hike, any sort of recommendations. There’s nothing more exciting than recommendations from a local :slight_smile:


Hi Naomi

I’ll always remember an Air BNB I stayed in Paris once had a little book with different personalised itineraries depending on whether you were staying for 1/2/3 days etc which I thought was such a lovely touch.

Otherwise very much stating the obvious but there really is nothing nicer than waking up to a great tea/coffee station with some treats/biscuits!


Hi Naomi, I would agree with the above! I’d also add that it might be nice to provide a few things that people often forget, like a tiny pot of toothpaste etc. Also speedy WiFi is always a bonus, as is a TV that you can connect to your phone for streaming services, and plugs/ an extension lead next to the bed.

Good luck with the listing, sounds like a great idea!


Ah love this, my parents run an Airbnb from our home a couple things that they’re visitors have loved are…

  • An honesty bar in the front living room with a mini fridge

  • Nice toiletries in the shower and by the sink - just the little touches make it feel special

  • continental breakfast hamper with warm croissants :slight_smile:

I stayed at a place that kindly left the essential: milk, eggs, a beautiful loaf of bread which was nice to make our own little breakfast - if you have kitchen facilities


Everyone loves a sweet treat on arrival and I think a hand written welcome note is also a nice touch. Plus, a good stash of tea bags! x


this is so thoughtful!

agreed with some of the others, its usually the smaller things that people forget that are always worth having a bit of - e.g. nice soaps in the shower, fresh towels, toothpaste, tampons etc!

Also, depending on how nearby you are, it could be nice to pop there just before and make up a fresh fruit plate and a jug of some kind of mocktail in the fridge for them to have on arrival with a handwritten note. Feels like a special touch but it really is so simple and takes no time at all. x


Hi Naomi,
We used to air bnb ourselves and always left a fresh guide each time with local recommendations to eat / see / transport. Also lovely to leave a guest book where others who have stayed can leave their personal recommendations too.
A welcome basket with local goodies is always well received and topped up shampoos / soaps etc so that it feels fresh for the next guest.


Hi Naomi,

We stayed in an Airbnb with our toddler recently and they left a basket of toys for her to play with, she was so delighted!


We recently stayed at an Airbnb that had a basket of all fresh local produce for us to make breakfast on the first morning, was such a nice touch x


Small fruit basket is cute! And the necessary toiletries are helpful

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If you could include washing up liquid, clothes etc. Surprising that some hosts do not do this. The best host I had greeted us with a list of gotcha’s for NYC - where to buy alcohol, the best 7-11 stores. He had shampoo and conditioner and shower gel in each bathroom. Kitchen had cleaning products in and laundry room had full laundry products too. Also had coffee making facilities and a bottle of fizz on arrival.

A step too far perhaps but we were overwhelmed and it made our stay very comfortable.

On the other hand in the South of France, we had nothing - we arrived on a Sunday and no shops were open…so we couldn’t even buy coffee and milk for the morning…Little things make a lot of difference.

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Can anyone recommend Air BnBs in London please?


Board games and a pack of playing cards is a nice to have. We stayed in a place where there was a book shelf where you could take/donate a book for others to enjoy, which was a lovely idea.
The welcome pack as others have mentioned too, containing recommendations, public transport info, bottle of wine & some local treats.

Good luck!

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Accessibility is paramount to myself, I love going away, but I’m on wheels. 1 small step is surprisingly difficult, and so are baths or showers without a seat.
A guest book so people can leave messages and state where they’ve travelled from.

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Thank you so much, such important considerations

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Thank you so so much to everyone who replied, so grateful, for the amazing responses - extremely helpful and super apreciated <3

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Probably a bit random but a fan is a great addition, especially throughout summer. Good luck with it! X