Airport Outfits for hot destinations

Hey everyone, what are we all looking for in airport outfits these days? I’m off to Portugal soon so I need something that I won’t melt in when I arrive.

Needs to be comfortable on the flight, I’m thinking lose and baggy or are we all sticking to the tried and true jogger shorts?

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hey, I think you can travel in whatever you feel comfortable in these days.

I went away last month and I travelled in a linen trouser and short sleeve shirt set and I found that so comfy! It was so light and breezy and I wasn’t sweating when we got to the other side, I was also ready to head straight into the town and explore which as super handy!

I’d go for wide leg, loose and light fabric trousers, with a vest or cami and take a layer for the plane if bit cold!

I usually go for a linen trouser too and then a t-shirt and big cosy knit as I find planes cold/if I am travelling at night/early morning and can then just take off the knit when you arrive!

I would definitely go for a linen trousers co ord. It looks super chic but is so comfy and is actually like wearing pyjamas! Just spotted this one from Zara. x

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Second everyone on linen trousers/co-ord! Or I often travel in a floaty maxi dress, one comfortable to travel in but also easy to layer over if it’s cold on your way there/when you get back. I love Free People’s dresses

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I find these ARKET linen sets are fab - they come in shorts & top set or trousers & top set -

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