Alternatives to Softgoat or Almada?

Hi Florence! I’m currently obsessed with Softgoat and Almada knits, but realized that the cost of shipping, import duties and potential returns would add up to a hefty amount. Have you found alternative brands with the same quality, designs/cuts that wouldn’t be as complicated to ship to the UK? I know a lot of Sheerluxe ladies have knits from those brands so wondering if it was worth taking the bullet on the shipping costs…?

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Almada is about to be stocked at Harrods so this is a great way to try a piece without the extra costs! I really love the quality of the brand.

In terms of alternatives, I also have a lovely cashmere jumper from Gobi Cashmere. Another brand I recommend is Madeline Thompson.

I also really like H&M for cashmere, especially right now I think there is such a strong selection. I love this jumper. Other brands that do cashmere really well in my opinion are COS and Reformation.