An App for tracking films & series

I have just been listening to this week’s show which is fab! So many amazing series recommendations, which got me thinking. Is there an app people would recommend, similar to Goodreads but for series and films? I always get given recommendations and forget them, and it would be great to track what I’ve watched and what I thought of them too.
Thank you :slight_smile:


yes 100%! letterboxd has a massive community of film and tv-watchers– unfortunately tv series on it are limited but I’ve seen they’re adding them


Letterboxd is such a go-to, you can make lists on there and rate and read reviews!

I’ve heard they are also going to be adding tv to this too


Omg that’s such a good idea, I always struggle to remember what I want to watch / have watched!!

I love this - going to check it out now…

Amazing! Thank you for the recommendation. Going to download it :slight_smile:

My answer was going to be Letterboxd too. (You need to follow them on IG etc, they always get great red carpet access!)