Annual travel insurance

My annual travel insurance for a family of 3 has increased by £150 this year. Any recommendations. Need worldwide inc USA/Caribbean but don’t want to compromise on cover.

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I recently purchased travel insurance for the year via my car insurance provider - they sent me a special offer and it was an absolute bargain. Worth trying your bank, home insurance etc too x

I have mine through Amex, so like Jessica says, it’s worth seeing what you can get through providers of other services you already have.

I’ve been with Admiral for years - but they give me a deal because I also have car insurance with them. So definitely second (and third) this advice.

I get mine through my bank account and pay a monthly charge for it so might be worth checking that too, think most major high street banks offer something.

I have used admiral for years for all my insurance needs, very competitive prices and whenever I ring them at renewal time they always reduce the premium! Also very good and reliable if you need to make a claim