Any experience with voluntary cancelled travel/flights?

My friend and I were planning on travelling round Peru for two weeks this month, however, give the current political climate we were advised to cancel by the tour operator.

We booked our flights through a separate agent and as the flights have not been cancelled we are unable to claim any money on this - we’ve been told the same by the credit card company, and can’t claim on insurance as travel to Peru is still permitted by the FCDO.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with anything like this? Cancelling travel voluntarily/because you decide it’s unsafe? Thanks!

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Hi Hattie… From A Travel Agents…

Unfortunately as the FCDO are still permitting travel to Peru there aren’t many options here as officially people are still permitted to travel. My best advice would be to see if flights can be date changed to later in the year where there is hopefully more stability. Alternatively if not possible, I would wait until nearer the time to see if FCDO advice does change, therefore an insurance claim could potentially become valid. Even if the trip was booked as a whole package, they would potentially still be in the same situation as there’s no official ban on traveling around Peru at the moment, there’s simply some cause for concern over safety in certain areas due to the protests.

Sorry its not more positive advice!

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Thanks Mia!

Oh no Hattie! My friend has been in Peru for the last two weeks and her travel plans haven’t been top disrupted! She’s still been able to go to Machu Picchu and other sites and has said she’s felt safe during her trip - just in case that helps!

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Thanks Sherri!